You must be at least 18 years of age.

I expect you to address Me as Mistress or Miss Dora, in the same way I will refer to you in the manner you prefer.

You will be polite and respectful at all times. If this is difficult for you, then don’t contact Me.

 I do own latex suits, but I don’t wear them on sessions. They are very sensitive and they need very special treatment and every use is a risk to damage it. I can wear it on your request but I keep right to put deferent conditions, ask for tribute in advance and in that case tribute is 400 euros for one hour of a session.

I’m here to offer My Domination, not to receive yours. No pushy bottoms or scene directors. I’m not a puppet, but a facilitator and co-collaborator.

DO NOT become intoxicated prior to our session. If you have taken any illegal drug, I will NOT session with you. Alcohol should be limited to ONE drink, unless one drink will impair you, then do not drink at all. Your being intoxicated is a serious risk for both you AND Me. I do not consent to this risk. If you use to assuage nerves, please talk to Me about another, safer solution.

Please be courteous with your hygiene and grooming. Be freshly showered, wear deodorant, and have a fresh mouth when you arrive. 

Do not wear any kind of fragrance. It gets all over My gear and can cause Me a headache.

You will NOT ask Me to remove My clothing, masturbate, or have sex with you. If you do, I will immediately stop the session and you will be enrolled in “How Not To Be a Dumb Ho” training. This involves you being shown the door.

You will NOT touch Me IN ANY WAY unless I have given you explicit permission. If you do, I take no responsibility for the way in which I may instinctively fuck you up. I will also end the session and you will not be offered a refund. you will also not be invited back.

I DO NOT want to hear about your personal life — unless I ask. The moment you start telling Me about your significant other, kids, job, etc. is the moment I have been nonconsensually invited into knowing details about your life which may be uncomfortable for Me. I don’t need to know any details, just parameters. All details are your business, not Mine, and I’d rather you keep them to yourself.


All contact is private and confidential — whether it be email, phone, or sessions. This goes BOTH ways, and means that I ask you respect My privacy the way I respect yours. 

Sessions occur at My discretion and I reserve the right to refuse to session with anyone who violates the terms of O/our agreement. 

I take privacy very seriously and take several measures to secure it. I do not leave voicemail messages, all correspondence is password protected and only accessed by Me, and I do not take photos, video, or refer to you on public sites or in forums without your explicit permission. In other words: What happens with Me, stays with Me…unless you say otherwise.

I do not provide references unless you specifically release Me to do so. This ensures you the highest level of privacy.

There are three instances in which I will break confidentiality:

1.If you pose a threat to yourself

2.If you post a threat to someone else, or

 3.In some legal cases. These are standard rules in various professions in which confidentiality is practiced.

I ask that you respect My privacy as I will respect yours. I do not discuss identifying details about you (i.e. your name, phone number, etc) or our session(s) without your consent. I expect you to extend the same courtesy to Me as I do to you. 


I conduct real-time sessions between noon and midnight, seven days a week

Sessions should be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Regular submissives have the privilege of requesting same-day, though availability is not guaranteed. Same-day appointments require a minimum 3-hour notice from the time I receive your message and confirm availability.

Outcall sessions are offered on at My discretion and are available ONLY to those who have already established a trusting relationship with Me OR who have multiple outstanding references. you are responsible for all costs. If it’s somewhere I’m already going to be, such  as a play party, then you are not. Outcalls at play parties must be paid in-full and in advance.

I will not conduct sessions in your home.

Arrive precisely at the time your session is scheduled. If you are going to be late, please notify Me. If you are early, you must wait. I do not accept early arrivals — even a few minutes.

Late arrivals may result in a reduction of the session time but with no reduction in tribute.

I have the right to request a larger deposit at My discretion. Some examples: requests for special sessions (e.g. additional parties, outcalls), a history of flakiness, and sessions which involve My needing to get materials.

If you have to cancel or reschedule, please provide at least a 24-hour notice for incall and a 48-hour notice for outcall. Ample notice allows Me to make adjustments and avoid unnecessary work and expenses.

Cancellations occurring 4 hours or less before the session (“last minute”) will result of payment of the full tribute. Failure to pay the tribute will result in a lifetime ban from sessioning with Me.

I’m usually unavailable in the AM hours. Please do not expect any phone calls or replies to your emails during that time.

I don’t leave voicemail messages. This is to protect both your and My privacy.

Do not be rude, pushy, or act entitled.

 It really should go without saying, but people actually behave this way. A lack of manners is more shocking to Me than any kink you may have. Mutual respect is essential for us to have a good time.

Attention Persons under the 18 years of age (or twenty-one in some jurisdictions). Or persons who find this content offensive are NOT allowed to enter the site.
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