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Online serving

Since many of you couldn’t serve me in real life on live sessions, and many of you asked me about online sessions, also for some of you classical live session with time limit isn’t enough to feel constant pressure of my heel, I have decided to make something that will be interesting for both sides, Me and you. I decided to put you in tight spot, I will make you to give up all habits and needs that ordinary human bean have just for me. To give you my view on online serving 24/7.

Since I never been doing this before in beginning I’ll have trial period and I’ll accept only few of you. With time, I’ll modify and improve it, so have that on mind if you are one of those that will serve me from beginning.

Since there is many fetishes I couldn’t make special programs for each of them, but for now I will make deference only between slaves and sissy slaves.

There is three deferent programs for each of them and deference is mainly in tribute but also with higher program you’ll have more difficult tasks, more rules and more my presence in your life.

I’ll have more control and in addition to daily tasks with higher program I’ll control you more thru video or text sessions, thru pictures and videos and make sure you always know your place, under my heel.

I`ll do my best that in all times you feel my presence and me controlling your unsubstantial life. I`ll remind you every day that only meaning of your life is to serve me and that you have no choice, but to do what and how I tell you. I’ll be rewarding or punishing you for your behavior or even give you harder tasks to make your penance if I am not satisfied.

I know tasks will be difficult and various, for those who have long list of limits it will be frustrating, that my dominance and control is strict and demanding, but I do know every of you will try to push boundaries for Me and to be better servant to Me. I’ll give you register number that you’ll receive on beginning of your service.

I’ll open a special profile (closed to public) for you who are on training and I’ll try to provide you as many tips as I can, I understand that probably you don’t have many equipment and that many of you don’t have place to hold it because of your private life, so I’ll give you some solutions with object’s you can find in your home. Also that profile will be your reminder to whom you belong, what your duties are and why you are subhuman to me. I`ll use it to humiliate and manipulate you, to make you observe how I enjoy to see you kneel in front of my picture or message, as lowlife you are. To watch my published pictures of my dog and me, where even he is getting more of my love and attention than you deserve.

I will not be online for you all the time, specially for those in Basic program and I will not be able to respond on every question, there will be just to many of you and I can’t give all of my attention to only one, so I’ll stay one more hour online to provide answers as much as I can. So don’t get frustrated or feel ignored if I skip some, even if I don’t answer all of your questions, you will have feeling of my presence in your life, and I expect you to always first ask permission to talk with me. I’ll try to be precise in tasks and make them clear for you. Details will be left for your imagination, and I will for sure ignore questions that aren’t connected to tasks or if I want you to solve it by yourself.
I’ll try to provide tasks until noon every day, and I’ll wait for proof of task until midnight in Serbian time (CET+1). That will change only if there is good reason for it, like sleeping tasks or if I have some good personal reason so I am not able to do it or you have overnight task to do. That way you’ll have time until I send you next task, next day. That will give you at least 12 hours and more to provide me proof, and if you don’t send it to me without explanation or excuse I’ll interpret it as refusing to accomplish task from that day and disrespecting Me. 

Few things you need to have before you contact me to begin your training is:

*Will to serve Me, and only Me, unconditionally;

*To be able to serve me 24/7;

*Smart phone with good camera;

*Installed WhatsApp app;

*You must be ready to provide Me pics and video of accomplished tasks (you can hide your face or have mask on it)

*Active PayPal account.

Attention Persons under the 18 years of age (or twenty-one in some jurisdictions). Or persons who find this content offensive are NOT allowed to enter the site.
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